DSC_1323 LoResthePIprinter.com is the result of collaboration between print production veterans and pharmaceutical executives who envisioned and assembled a more carefully designed system for managing the package insert requirements of large  and small drug companies.  It was first conceived by the leadership team at  NMG Corporation, who for more than thirty years have positioned themselves as a preferred print partner for industry leaders in financial, healthcare, direct mail and more.  It is on the shoulders of this track record that thepiprinter.com was created as an end-to-end process that integrates best practices in print production, cost containment, scheduling, technology and client services.

Package inserts have never taken center stage as a marketing tool; they have always been relegated to commodity status, right behind recall letters and sample forms.  Yet the sheer volume, as well as the  number of simultaneous insert orders, myriad folding requirements and increasing complexity positioned PI’s an opportunity to design a system that would save print buyers and procurement professionals significant time and money.

The team at thePIprinter.com looks forward to working with you to-reconfigure how you handle your package insets, outserts, med-guides and more.

When you first contact thePIprinter you are likely to meet one of these three gentlemen.  Tom, Doug and Denny, have combined experience in the pharmaceutical printing industry of more than  70 years.  They and the other members of NMG Corporation’s executive team  have designed PI programs for dozens of the nation’s pharmaceutical companies, large and small.

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